Simple formula for a better body:

1. Eat the appropriate calories, macro and micronutrients to meet your goals.

2. Add meaningful exercise on a routine basis; exercise that is vigorous enough to create positive adaptations to your body.

3. Do this consistently over time.


Of course not.  A host of factors are obviously at play to sabotage one’s best intentions.  It’s easy to point fingers at someone and say “You just don’t want it badly enough” or “You lack willpower”.

The reality is, I’ve seen many very talented, highly motivated, championship calibre athletes struggle with their bodies.  I know many intelligent people who are very successful in many aspects of their lives, who struggle with food, lack of time, and the demands that life brings.  These people do in fact “want it” and have tremendous “willpower”.  To suggest they don’t is overly simplistic and sometimes condescending.

So what’s the deal? Is there a Secret?

Over the next 5 Tuesdays…. 5 “Secrets” to a better body. GameChanging strategies….. You will look at each and say “Of course, I know this already”.

My advice: Take each Strategy to heart. Apply each fully. Watch what happens for you. I’m confident they will make a difference, for the person struggling as well as the disciplined athlete who wants to take her game to the next level.

Until next week!



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