A Glowing Endorsement

It was the late 70’s, when I first flipped through a Guinness Book of World Records and saw a pic of “the perfect physique”. Arnold was the man in the book. That was my first impression of what an ideal physique should look like. 

Years later, I saw that same person on Saturday afternoon’s Wide World Of Sports, where there was coverage of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Mr. Olympia title. 

Those moments inspired me to first start training in 1986 at the age of 16. Over 30 years later, after over 10 000 workouts, having competed in amateur contests, winning my pro card, successfully competing at the pro natural world championships,  served as a judge, a drug testing officer, an award presenter, an audience member, fitness coach, MC, backstage manager and guest poser, I can say I’ve seen and done it all. 

I’ve also had a chance to be a part of numerous organizations in a number of capacities. This post is meant to give a shout out the the crew in Buffalo and the DFAC as an organization, one of the organizations I’ve come to know well. 

The team currently promoting the DFAC in Buffalo is genuine, honest, and truly about the community it serves. In March of this year they will put together a solid event under a banner (DFAC) that I have come to trust and respect for their integrity, fairness and love of the sport. This post was meant to let you know that I appreciate and support the organization and its promotors. 

If you are in the Western New York area and are a bodybuilding/fitness enthusiast, please support the event in a way that you can. I am hoping to be there in some capacity, so if we happen to cross paths, please take the time to say hello. It would be a pleasure to meet you. 

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