Weekly Meal Strategies 101: Part 2 (Breakfast)


Part 2: Breakfast

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Some would think it is. In my opinion, breakfast starts the day right and is an integral part of your overall plan.

This post is really about 2 things:



Here’s the skinny on breakfast, strategies that work:

Choose 2-3 breakfasts that you will rotate regularly throughout the week.

  • These 2-3 options need to:
    • taste great
    • be easy to make
    • have adequate amounts of protein in them (Keeps you satiated and allows you to meet your daily protein needs easier)

Whats the deal?

Most people do horribly breakfast wise. Part of the problem is waiting until the last minute to get out of the house after showering, selecting clothes to wear, pressing the snooze button a few times, etc. Breakfast is often on the run.

Advice: Break that pattern with a productive routine. (This morning routine topic is for another post) For now, let’s assume you don’t have that routine.

Having a quick, tasty, easy to prepare breakfast with adequate protein in it will give you the required nutrients and eliminate those cravings a few short hours later.

Why only 2-3 breakfast options? 

You establish routine by keeping things minimalist. Routine is King.

But Tom, what about pancakes, and muffins, and other fun foods? 

Save those choices for your refuel day after earning that food through hard work OR fit it into your macros with the help of your coach. (Not recommended….Routine healthy choices works BEST for success, but if variety once in a while is critical to your success, then it can somehow be worked it with the help of a person who understands both your emotional and nutritional needs).

What do I do?

I have 2 go to breakfasts.

Option #1: Oatmeal and protein powder (Plus my daily coffee)

I have this choice 5 times a week. It’s easy, quick and tastes great.

I put 56g of quick oats in a bowl, with a pinch of salt, 3/4 cup of water as well, and heat it up for 1.5 minutes in the microwave.  I then add 1.5 scoops of cookies and cream protein powder in it.

Option 2: Turkey Bacon and Eggwhite Omellete (Plus my daily coffee)

I have this meal on Thursday mornings after my mini refuel as well as on Sunday mornings after a major refuel (Right after weight training)

This breakfast is a very low carb option as I’m already fully carb loaded from the night before.

I cook 6 strips of low fat turkey bacon, and also 1 cup of eggwhites ( with 3 slices of turkey breast slices and 1 slice of low fat cheese) for my omellete.  I then drizzle a little bit of E.D. Smith sugar free syrup on the eggs and turkey bacon for fun flavour (Yes, I am human)

Option 3: Saturdays….. Oatmeal and Protein + FUN STUFF

I work hard throughout the week.  I have a refuel on Saturdays.  This is the day I stick with my regular routine because I enjoy the oatmeal so much, PLUS whatever I may desire.

Sometimes I will have a nutella crepe as my side.  Other times I will eat a fun cereal like Fruit Loops (just because…..hey, we grew up on that as kids.)  Other times, I will even have a bowl of ice cream in the morning.  Remember, I have just finished a brutal Saturday morning workout to start the day and will be training again later Saturday.

The KEY:

DEVELOP your ROUTINE. I cannot stress this importance enough. Have your kitchen stocked up with your go to breakfasts at all times. Eat what you planned to have. DO NOT veer from your plan. STICK TO THE SIMPLE SET MENU.

If you ever need tweaking of your own plan, I don’t mind giving you some tips. You can always reach me at CoachTomKiat@gmail.com





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