The Bottom Line (Ep. 3) Whats’ Your Word Worth?

The-Bottom-Line-Square-adNothing makes me happier than seeing a person committed to a worthwhile fitness goal and following through for all of the right reasons.

Every once in while someone will say all the right things:

“You have my word signed in blood and sweat”, “I’m doing this to set an example for my family”, “I know I need to change my lifestyle NOW before its too late”, “I will be your best student ever” BLAH BLAH BLAH.

However, if you say you are going to do something, COMMIT! FOLLOW THROUGH!

I have no problem with someone who, half way through the journey  says, “Hey look, I’m having a tough time….can you help me work things out” THAT’s a sign of courage.  I will give of myself to help you.

I’m also ok with the person who states all of the reasons why he needs to follow through yet says “Honestly, I’m gung ho but a little nervous and maybe a little doubtful”. At least you are real and owning your fears.

That’s real talk and it’s addressing the core of what holds people back. How can you not want to work things through with a person who is trying?  Hang in, you are going to make it.


However, your word is your worth, and when you fall short on a meaningful promise to yourself and others, you are the one who will need to live with the pain of regret, the disappointment in the eyes of others, and all of the other negative consequences of quitting. That’s a nasty price to pay.

If you do, in fact fall short on your word, don’t despair.  It’s a message that you have some weaknesses.  OWN THEM.  STEP UP! That takes courage and it’s the easiest and best way to redeem yourself.

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