Secret #3 The Inner Circle



Part 3 in the 5 Part Series: Your Inner Circle

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be”                                                                          -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Show me your inner circle of influence and I will tell you how successful you will be.

Associate with focussed achievers with solid ethics and stellar habits long enough and you become like them.  Train and eat alongside hardcore athletes and that becomes your new norm.  Surround yourself with successful mentors and teachers and listen to thought leaders (who have a proven track record of success) in various media forms and they SHAPE your thoughts.

Your Support team of people is CRITICAL to your success.

Who Should be on your Team? 

1. COACH/MENTOR: Find the best coach you can find that you can relate to.  This person MUST have an interest in your growth aside from any monetary benefit.

2. SUCCESSFUL FRIENDS who have an OPTIMISTIC, POSITIVE outlook on your goals. Success principles tend to be universal. Those who are successful are less likely to be envious of what you are trying to do and can relate to the discipline, perseverance and focus necessary for you to succeed.  These friends should see your goals as attainable and encourage you along the way.

3. Running mates with SIMILAR goals who are “on the hunt”, preferably a couple better than you, a couple who are at your level and a few chasing your heels.  Choose an area of interest and look online for groups around your town that you can team up with or communicate with.  You will find some people with very similar goals who are also on the exact same journey.  They will serve to push you or motivate you, and vice versa.

4. People who may be inspired by you or look up to you.  If you have kids, look them in the eyes and tell them exactly what your goals are.  You won’t want to let them down.

Also directly related are Catalysts:

5. Support Groups (Both online and live) There’s strength in numbers.  When people have shared struggles, they don’t feel as alone in their journeys.  The same groups usually have some key leaders who serve to inspire.  There’s an old saying that stays true, “A rising tide raises all ships”.  That one person is seen as a catalyst to the group.  Join forces with THAT person.

6. “Enemies”.  Ever have that one person in your life that you wanted to show up? You know that person.  He may have been the one who talked behind your back.  It’s the same person who secretly wants you to fail.  Have that person serve as motivation.

What I do…..

I surround myself with people who have BIG IDEAS; people who are going to make things happen.  We draw strength from each others’ energies.

I surround myself with people who have fitness goals, who are moving forward with effort and consistency.  They inspire me.  I am the leader, and believe me keeping ahead of the crew I hang with requires focus and discipline.  This is both in my community as well as through social media.

I regularly listen to thought leaders in the media, reading and following the best in their particular fields.

I regularly consult the best in the areas I want to grow in, to get advice and insight, or to run my plan by them.

Yes, I also have some “enemies”. It’s more of a general thing, but I make my training and conditioning a contest against those who enter the natural bodybuilding world who aren’t exactly natural competitors.  Believe me there are more than you think.

As always, if you have any questions or need advice, I am always available to communicate with.  You can reach me at


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