The Bottom Line (Ep. 4) Boredom & Escape


“But I can’t eat eat that way all the time”

“I need variety in my food”

“The pizza was so tempting though.  How could I say no?”

“It was my birthday.  I wanted a special dinner” (AKA stuff yourself like there is not tomorrow and then still try to claim a refuel day on Saturday)

When I hear this kind of talk, what I really hear is a person who leads a boring life.  Everyone should enjoy their food and pick their spots where they sensibly enjoy some “fun”foods, especially if you have worked out hard over the course of the week.

Seriously though,

if you need Pizza to spice up your THURSDAY night???

then maybe you need to revisit some of the passions you’ve been neglecting over the last few years.


People often stray from their plans out of


from the pressure of the daily struggles.

If that’s you,


You need to change something.

There’s more to life than eating.

Get excited about SOMETHING………

Start LIVING life.

…….or else……well, you know the rest.


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