Commitment (Ep.5: The Bottom Line)


On a scale of 1-10

10 being completely Committed

How badly do you want to change your physique, your health, your situation?

Ask someone that question and they usually say 8 or 9.  After a few seemingly “big challenges”, that usually drops to a 6, as one lags in progress.  That’s when doubt creeps in and old insecurities surface.  Justifications begin and the person begins to rationalize why they are failing.  We all do this.

Here’s what I do know.  Seemingly 95 out of 100 home owners make payments on their mortgages.  They are committed,

locked down by external influences to make it work.

Yet when it comes to something important like our health, we waiver on our commitments.

so think about it……

“The Chief cause of Failure is Broken Focus”

If that’s the case, then make the decision ONE TIME to actually commit, no matter what,


Keep your goal in front of you. Win the daily, sometimes hourly battles.

Here’s the kicker, some Game Changer Advice:

if you truly are a 9 or 10 on the Commitment Scale, the perhaps figure out a way to


Worthy goals sometimes required “Big Scary Measures”

Sign up for a contest or event. Perhaps put some money on the line.

You already do that with car payments, bills and your mortgage.

Which leads me to the question?

Are you really committed or are you just talking?

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