Eddie Duncan: 2017 Power Player


I’m very proud to announce the first of 2 Power Players selected in our Sponsorship Search:

Eddie Duncan.

When I decided that I would reach out and offer an opportunity to work with someone, that athlete had to present some key qualities:

  • Was the athlete coachable?
  • Was the athlete highly motivated?
  • Was the athlete well grounded emotionally?
  • Did the athlete have potential to do great things in the  coming years?
  • Was the athlete someone I could relate to?

I had judged Eddie in a previous contest and had a chance to speak to him a few times over the past year.  You can’t find a more sincere, hardworking family man than Eddie.  The man has a killer physique and a work ethic to match.

I will be sitting down with Eddie at some point during my trip through the US next month to strategize and develop a fully comprehensive plan to transition him fully into bodybuilding and working toward his Pro Card.

Stay tuned to big things out of Buffalo from Eddie. We will share posts regularly to highlight his journey. He’s going rock the stage in his return!

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