McGregor vs Mayweather & Its Relevence to Natural Bodybuilding

The fight that I want to see happen, McGregor vs Mayweather….. why?

Because they WILLED it, the fans want it, irrespective of the organizations they represent. Both athletes are known celebrities who put people in the seats and help to make the events great.

What does this have to do with Natural Bodybuilding? Simply this…. WE the athletes have a HUGE say in what we want to see happen within our sport. Mayweather understands this and puts on his own events. McGregor understands this and explains this and pushes the envelope in spite of the UFC.

So many of my peers have talked about a SuperBowl of Natural Bodybuilding…. some of us almost begging the organizations to come together to some sort of consensus. We have talked about this for 5 years only to see the sport get more and more convaluted and fragmented.

Do you know when the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding will happen?

When we the athletes actually converse Mano a Mano, just like McGregor and Mayweather, and say “Promoters…. the 6, 8, 10 of us want a Contest….. who’s willing to put together the biggest event?”

Do you know why it won’t happen? Athletes have their own agendas, interests, sponsorships, friendship ties to various organizations, drug testing related loopholes, proximity, etc, etc.

I’ll be the the first to say it:

 I challenge any truly natural pro competitor, criteria being: 

  • Lifetime drug free
  • Will submit to a random drug test at any given point during the full year around the contest
  • The athlete is not politically linked to a sponsor, promoter or judge
  • All testing is WADA style similar to the major sports organizations.

Do I expect to win? I don’t really care…. I just want to compete, and at the highest level with ZERO GREY AREA. The criteria will weed out most. What’s left, bring it!

What will the interest level be? 

Most if not all organizations will have zero to do with the full criteria list even though hundreds of pro athletes would accept these conditions.


You would only have a few athletes say yes to such a proposal either because they don’t agree to the terms (which would speak volumes) or because Natural Bodybuilding has become more of a club where athletes are seeking acceptance within an organization than actually competing. Let’s not tick off the hands that feed us for fear of wrecking our placing or status.

Again, I go back to Mayweather and McGregor. The fight WILL happen. 2 men getting together to make something HUGE work.

My fellow competitors, let this be a seed planted. That’s the Bottom Line.

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