Sam Wilson: 2017 Power Player


I’m proud to announce the second of 2 Power Players selected in our Sponsorship Search:


Sam has a story that is very similar to mine growing up.  19 years old and full of potential, Sam started working out during his early high school years.  He lives and breathes bodybuilding and sees a future in the sport, exactly as I did back when I was his age.

Humble, dedicated, passionate about the sport, disciplined, this young man has plenty of the mental attributes needed to do very well in the sport.  He’s also got solid genetics and a willingness to learn.

I chose to work with Sam as a way to to give a young man a shot at reaching his genetic potential as quickly as possible without the pitfalls that so many young athletes fall into.

We will not be going down the performance enhancing drugs road in any way whatsoever.  We are not going to depend on overpriced useless supplements.  We are going to be training with purpose and training smart.  Progress will be steady and progress will be very significant.

More importantly, we will use bodybuilding as a stepping stone to create new pathways for Sam in other areas of his life.  I’m excited about Sam’s potential and look forward to the journey.

Stay tuned for more!


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