You pull up to a McDonald’s window to choose something you consider healthy, when in fact you really wanted the Big Mac.  A wrap is a logical choice.  Grilled or Crispy? Well, anything is better than the Big Mac right?  Not so fast; the tale of the tape tells you otherwise.

If you are ever stuck at McDonald’s, go for a Salad option with grilled chicken and a lighter dressing that you can control the portions of when you pour it on your salad.

Your second choice would be a GRILLED chicken wrap, minus all of the dressing that they place in it, or at least minimized.

A third choice, the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich tends to work somewhat well.

While none of these will leave you satiated, they are the best of poor choices at America’s Fast Food Empire.

Don’t forget…. Pass on the Fries if you really want to avoid an accumulation of calories by ordering the combo.

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