International Women’s Day

Being a school teacher for over 2 decades, I quickly discovered that the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. Parents make a MAJOR impact in those formative years that set the course of that child in a dramatic way.

This past Wednesday marked International Women’s Day. Looking back, my mom was a major influence on my life.  She’s long gone now, but her legacy is still intact through me.

Three things I learned from my mom:

  1. Entrepreneurship. My mom stayed home to raise the kids. That’s not to say that she didn’t put in work from a business standpoint.  This woman had skills, being a master seamstress, she created patterns for customers and made custom build clothing for executives and for weddings.  This alongside being a home day care provider, she did what it took to bring home much needed income.

2. Loyalty.  My mom was loyal to a fault.  She remained with my Dad, even though she should have left his abusive ways. Why? Firstly, it was family first in our household and a broken home was not an option. Secondly, she had pity for my father and saw the best in him when nobody else did.

3. Professionalism.  Whether is was how we dressed, or how we kept our rooms, my mom believed that you conducted yourself in a courteous professional manner that showed dignity.  We said please and thank you, showed gratitude towards others, and respected our elders.

This Bottom Line episode is a tribute to the great women in our lives.  Please look at how a woman in your life made you better and give thanks!



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