Power Player Update

eddieduncanpowerplayerEddie very successfully competed in 2016, bringing a solid physique to Buffalo in the Spring and then a much improved look in September.

In discussions with Eddie about his October Miami show, Eddie tried very hard to bring an incredibly ripped package to the Worlds.  In doing so, his metabolism took a hit, with a substantial drop in weight for the contest.

The first order of business with Eddie after discussing where we wanted to go with the physique was to repair a “stalled” metabolism.

We attacked the problem with a systemized way of eating, as well as mid week spikes in calories and a big refuel every Saturday.  Eddie was concerned that perhaps this would lead to increased body fat levels.  Instead, what we noticed after 4 weeks was a loss of body fat, preservation of muscle mass, and an overall greater fullness in the muscles.  We also noticed that energy levels were up and workouts became more intense.  We’ve seen a 9 pound drop in fat, and a strong muscular look even while enjoying Saturdays like it’s Eddie birthday every weekend.

Phase 2, we are meeting this weekend to discuss strength training and the regimen we are going to go with.  Eddie and I will also sit down to discuss some upcoming goals.  I’ve been in this industry for well over two decades. I mention that because I know this man’s potential, from countless examples before him, and I assure you we have some big goals and a few people who are going to be caught off guard when they see Eddie’s return.

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