The Skinny on Beef

I’m a big fan of lean cuts of beef as part of my diet, eating beef as often as 2 times per week. Here’s a great video on Beef Basics followed by some great recipes as part of your meal regimen.


Extra Lean Beef with Sauce on Spaghetti Squash

I normally have pasta once every 2 weeks only because pasta is so high in carbs and doesn’t always cooperate with my stomach.  This dish however could easily be a weekly go to.  Extra lean beef drained, along with light spaghetti sauce and of course spices to meet your taste needs, this meal provides plenty of volume for a low calorie count.

326 calories   9 g fat    34 g carbohydrate    29 g protein

Extra Lean Beef Wraps

While a little high calorie wise, this dish is savoury and can easily be converted to a low cal dish by placing the meat on a bed of salad with some salsa topping or even made as a lettuce wrap taking the tortilla right out of the equation.

418 calories    12 g fat       41 g carbohydrate      31 g protein

Sonoma Steak with Veggies and Bocconcini

Hands down one of my favourite meals.  Grilled veggies and beef strip steaks from the eye of round, sirloin tip or flank steak.  This is best grilled but can easily be fried and placed on a bed of lettuce or served with some vegetables.

380 calories   21 g fat     8 g carbohydrate    38 g protein

Italian Beef Roast and Vegetables

Whether slow cooked or baked, add some low fat low cal beef gravy to this dish as a dip and you have a juicy spectacular dish with a low calorie profile.  Salt, basil oregano and pepper are seasoning options although this can be made in a variety of seasonings.

224 calories     7 g fat      4 g carbohydrate   35 g protein

Pepper Steak Salad with Mango, Avocado and Jalepeno Vinegarette

A classy dinner dish, I recommend you find a low calorie dressing that best suits your tastes.  This one adds a sweet flavour.  Steak is once again a lean cut of sirloin tip. Amount of dressing I add or side dish I choose is dependant on how much meat I decide to add onto the salad. In this case we are looking at 4 oz.

369 calories    21 g fat    19 g carbohydrate      30 g protein

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