Eat Like a Food Critic

After chomping down a steak, mac and cheese, bread, a yam and a Caesar salad for dinner the other day on my Refuel, I left the restaurant feeling like I could repeat that exact same meal immediately, I was that hungry.

Rather than succumb to my urges and get a burger from a fast food joint, I decided to hold off and wait a little.  It was not 30 minutes later that I was completely full.

My SATIETY site in my body finally registered that I was FULL.




Savour each bite.  Make the most over every morsel.  Truly enjoy your food.  Ever wonder what the best two bites of your ice cream are? It’s the first and last bites.  The rest becomes automatic eating.

By slowing down your eating, you are more likely to hit that satiety without overindulging.  Smart move, especially once you learn to truly appreciate what you are eating.

Try the “FOOD CRITIC” Strategy. Don’t just acknowledge and shrug it off.  It’s the proper way to eat, anyhow, from a digestive standpoint.


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