Muscle Chef 400 Calorie Series


Awesome dish, measuring in at 400 calories:

Pork Tenderpoin (200g), Rapini in light oil (1 Cup), Roasted Potatoes (150g), Roasted Caulifower (1 Cup)

Calories: 400  Protein: 47g  Carbs: 33g  Fat:  9g

Pork is often overlooked for the fear that its higher in fat.  Inexpensive and lean, its a great alternative to chicken.  The meal is also volumous, keeping you fuller longer and is packed with micronutrients.

You can easily place this meal in a weekly template once per week and make enough for leftovers the next day, easing your food prep by doing so.

Credit for this meal goes to Shawn Z, who has done amazingly well in his fitness journey so far, dropping a lot of fat off his body while simultaneously adding muscle.  He has become a master at establishing a weekly template for eating full of healthy foods, and prepping for the week, while leaving Saturdays and Wednesday nights open for some “fun” foods.  He has also used myfitnesspal successfully to address last minute dinner changes where he is out on the road.

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