High Intensity Bodybuilding

Back in 2011, when I ramped up my training in preparation for attempting to win a pro card in 2012, I went with a high intensity method of training.  I trained 4 days a week, the workouts were brutally intense and my body responded very well to this type of training.

Well……I’M BACK!

The video below features legendary Dorian Yates working with Chris Cormier.  Watch the intensity of work put in.  This is the sort of training I’m mimicking recently with very successful results.  You need to provide the proper stimulus for growth, and then allow your body the time to adapt and grow, all the while feeding it the nutrients it needs to facilitate this process.

Bottom Line, my body responds well to high intensity, but at the age of 46, I also know I need to back off and rest my body, hence the return to days off 3 days during the week.  Stay tuned for progress reports.

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