8 Week Summer Shape Up Challenge 

Not another 8 Week Summer Shape Up Challenge?

No, not at all.  Here’s the deal:

Over the next 12 weeks, I’m going all out in the gym and with my own personal plan, the goal being to get into peak shape.

I’m inviting you to join me for at least part of that journey…. 8 Weeks….ALL OUT.

(Registration is at the bottom of the page. There is ZERO financial obligation with this challenge)

Why register?

It lets someone know you want to take the first steps to changing.  For some thats a big step.  By registering, it’s saying… “Hey, I recognize that accountability is a good thing and that I wouldn’t mind getting some help along the way, or at least some direction or support”. If you have any questions prior to making the commitment to step it up, send them my way.  I’m hear to listen and then give you some focussed direction.


  1. Log into the SHAPE UP CHALLENGE FOOD WORKSHOP (Click the pic below for access) to figure out your own customized meal plan.  I will be blunt with you here; this section requires a little work.  You are not going to get a plan that some “Instagram Sensation” has copied from his/her own plan.


When you have completed the food plan of yours, send it to me to review.

2. Log into a few of the articles I’ve written on Strength Training and Cardio in FIT UNIVERSITY. (Click each pic for the links) Learn and apply.  Take what makes sense and do something daily if possible.

strength-003 Hero-Banner---Conditioning---Collection-Header---0001


The bottom line here is that you need to do SOMETHING exercise wise.

I will send some WEEKLY CHALLENGES for everyone as guidelines.  Once completed, MESSAGE ME! Heck, message me while you are exercising to tell me you are kicking @ss!

3.  MONDAY & THURSDAY NIGHTS 8PM EST, message me during the hour for questions you need answered.  You can reach me on Instagram (tom.kiat) or through Facebook Messenger (Tom Kiat) 

There are no stupid questions.  Message and say hello.  Tell me your progress.  Let me know what you are up to.

4. Have the COURAGE to follow through AND STAY IN TOUCH with me.

What’s the GRAND PRIZE for the biggest transformation? 

Your own amazing progress, a great body, and belief that you can do amazing things from here on in.

What did you expect? A cheap t-shirt or a measly $500 bucks? Let’s get our priorities straight and do this FOR YOU, FOR REAL!

Listen, I’m here to help.  Iron sharpens iron.  I’m going to get into crazy shape regardless.  It’s A LOT MORE FUN when people work together towards a common goal. It would be nice to see people move towards something great because I put a challenge out there. That’s meaningful to me and seeing people succeed is a big part of who I am.


I can always send you to someone else’s site where you get the same generic email that everyone gets, the same 1100 cal diet of “white fish” and veggies, and a generic cookie cutter exercise routine, where you can win a shopping spree if you buy 200 dollars worth of supplements as part of your enrolment.  (Smiles)

I know my comments seem abrupt. The truth is, there is value in many programs out there. Sometimes putting an investment of dollars in place makes things more serious.

What I’m asking you to do is do a lot more:

Put your pride and commitment on the line…..something a lot more valuable than money.

Tell people what you intend to do.  I will more than meet you half way. I don’t care if you are a sedentary person, a fit person trying to get to the next level or a professional physique athlete, I’m completely confident in my own ability to help you, specifically, so reach out and let me know what your goal is and let’s get started.

Game on? Challenge Accepted? 






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