Week 2 Shape Up Challenge



This week’s challenge, a Commitment to once and for all step up and set a Goal, but not just any goal:

  • A goal that is worthy
  • One that scares you a little
  • One that, if achieved, would turn your life around
  • A goal that captivates your mind even when there’s obstacles over the course of the day
  • One that excites you
Click pic for more on Goalsetting

Next Step:

  • Give this goal some serious thought.  Give yourself a good 4-6 days to go determine what this goal would do for you when achieved.
  • Look to some people who might support you in this big goal
  • Reach out and let someone know what that goal is
  • Take some massive action immediately to move towards that goal

This might be completely transforming your physique, taking the massive action of hiring a coach, telling all of your friends what you are going to do, and then giving away 2/3 of your clothes to good will.

The easy part is coming up with the goal.  You’ve been thinking of it for a long time.

The hard part is finally committing to that goal and taking the necessary massive first steps to achieving it.

Once those hurdles are crossed, in my experience, the rest is easy, and you become completely renewed in your focus and resolve.

I’m hear to listen and help.  Reach out and let me know what that goal is.






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