Training Update


My current routine: 

Probably the most progressive gains I’ve made in the last 25 years.

4 workout days per week. Progressive resistance. Super high intensity, low volume, high frequency training, hitting each muscle group 3 times per week.  Specific intent with every set, every rep.

Tuesday & Thursday: (Split into 2 workouts per day)


Chest: Flyes, Incline Press, Bench Press Giant Set

Back: Rows (Double Rest Pause)

Back: Pulldowns (Double Rest Pause)

Triceps: weighted Dips & pushdowns Superset)

Biceps: Curls (Double Rest Pause) and Hammer Curl Drop Set


Shoulders: Lateral Raise (Drop Set), Shoulder Press (Rest Pause) Giant Set

Rear Delts: Rear Machine Flyes (Triple Drop Set)

Quads: 5 Minute Blitz

Extensions (Drop Set) & Slow rep Heavy Leg Press & Front Squats

Hamstrings: Curls (Triple Rest Pause)

Calves: Raises (Triple Rest Pause)

Weekend Training:

Saturday: Chest, Back and Arms (Same Format as Tuesday and Thursday only different exercises.

Sunday: Legs and Shoulders. (Different exercise selection, same format as weekly workouts)

Workouts are fun again, performance based and with the concept that training a body part 150 times per year will elicit incredible growth as long as volume is low, each exercise session creates the necessary adaptation, and overall systemic recovery is optimized to allow for this growth to occur.

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