Week 3 Shape Up Challenge



The biggest “Bang for your Buck” comes from leg training.

Legs entail half your body, training them “revs up” your metabolism, helps you burn any excess carbs you have in your body, and it creates an overall training effect beyond just working your lower body (increased heart and lung function, creating a true cardio workout)


One day this week, dedicate a training session entirely to legs.


  • Compound Movements Only (Eg Squats, Leg Press, Hack Squats)
  • Heaviest weights that you can handle with very good form
  • Minimum 8 Sets for this workout (You may use supersets as part of your strategy and have them count as 2 sets)

Report back to me, right after the workout.

Remember: Go into the workout with the specific intent to not just “put the workout in” but rather to make inroads to improving your strength, muscle, heart and lungs.

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