Week 4 Shape Up Challenge



This week’s challenge?




This means going to bed at a reasonable time every night, regardless of day of the week, making sure that the sleep that you have is restful, and waking up at a consistent time regardless of the day.

One of the biggest reasons why people go to sleep later than they should is that they try to salvage something out of a less than emotionally satisfactory day, seeking escapism like snacking and/or tv to make up for the lack of satisfaction.

Part of this sleep process is making each day meaningful in some way.  That’s a topic for another day, but regardless, something that I want you to be mindful of.

As for benefits:

Listing the benefits is almost pointless.  You know how you feel during the day when you have had adequate sleep.  You also know how you struggle when you don’t have a good sleep.

Nonethessless, here are some key benefits and an article link that should be read to better understand the value of sleep:

  1.  Healthy Brain Function and Emotional Well-being.

We mess up with our food and exercise when we are in a state where our emotions get the better of us.  Proper sleep at least helps with our judgement calls.

2. Physical Health.

Sleep stimulates healthy repair, growth and development.  Our immune system gets repaired in our sleep.  It helps us keep our hormones in check.  The list goes on, but you get the point. (Well, you do if you see the benefits after regular restful sleep)

3. Performance

I always function better with adequate sleep.  I have more energy, I’m nicer to people and I am more alert than when I’m dragging, waiting to get to the next coffee break before being “re-energized”


I don’t write these articles to kill time or say something just because I need to meet my weekly quota.  Everything is selected with a goal in mind; that being to help you significantly change your life.  If anything, this week’s challenge might be the big answer to so many of your current problems.

Call to action:  Create the habit tonight.  Wake up at the set time and make the best of your day.  Then repeat.


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