The Sport of Bodybuilding: Is this the Answer?

Bodybuilding as a sport, where the athletic component is measured and factored into your score (8 lifts, accounting for all major muscle groups, with a 12 rep range), and symmetry is gauged objectively by a 3D scan? 

No crazy tanning costs or suits expenses. Membership fees are kept low. You are not at the mercy of judges nor is an artistic posing routine required?  

Typical bodybuilding contests don’t measure the work required year round. You show up to the event in a less than optimal state of true performance having obtained that “shredded” look. Then you step on a stage and get compared by who???? Are some judges truly qualified to judge the diverse classes now at contests? 

At some shows, you are just a number, waiting the entire day and night for your subjective placement at the end of the evening. 

Is this sport? 

Understand that I love bodybuilding and appreciate the art of posing and presenting your body. However the state of bodybuilding is in disarray, with bodies morphing to unsightly levels, testing even in many natural organizations thrown to the wayside, and new categories to evaluate the physique popping up left right and centre. There’s at least 8 different organizations that I can compete in and at least 4 different categories. 

Is the Super League of bodybuilding, with Dorian Yates as its President and Nike and behind it worth a look? The end of July will be a showcase of the first Super League event. Perhaps they are on to something. 

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