Week 7 Shape Up Challenge

Nutrients & Performance

Meet your nutritional needs.
Here's the short and skinny on what I need you to do:

1) Meet your protein needs. 0.8-1.5grams protein x lean muscle mass. If you need help with calculating this let me know.
The variance is dependent on activity levels and goals.
Need 100g of protein in a day?
Think of how you will break it down:
30-30-10-30 (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner)

2) 75 percent of your carbs should be packed with quality micronutrients.
That means you should be eating vegetables, fruits, quality carbs in their least processed forms.

3) 25 percent of your carbs are there to meet your calorie needs in a way that will satisfy any urges and/or the convenience factor. Ideally you should have 100 percent carbs of the highest quality with the most micronutrients but life isn't always that way and this 25 percent buffer most likely gives you a 200-250 calorie leeway to have that tortilla wrap or protein bar.

Nail down these 3 and you have addressed 4 key areas:

  1. Protein needs
  2. Micronutrient needs
  3. Caloric needs
  4. Psychological/emotional needs.

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