Week 8 Shape Up Challenge



Week 8 of the 8 Week Summer shape Up Challenge…. Now What?

For decades I’ve noticed the same thing year after year; we approach the dog days of summer. We didn’t quite get our goals for the summer and we have 4-5 more weeks before the hustle and bustle of the Fall.  The mode of operation at this point is “I’m going to make the most of what’s left of the summer” and usually that means overindulgence.

Overindulgence is an easy way to a happy state.

“What the heck, its the last few weekends of summer…let’s drink it up.  We are at the cottage, yes let’s have that incredible schmorgasborg barbebue and eat everything”.

It’s these moments that you will gain back all of the weight that you lost over a hardworking summer and be right back to square one.

So instead, RE-COMMIT now.  New goals before it’s too late and a plan of action NOW so that you can make inroads to progress BEFORE a fresh new start in the FALL.

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