As you progress through the Online Workshop, you will notice plenty of links to valuable information. I encourage you to study the links and apply the information as it relates to you.  More importantly, success with any program will always come down to having a vision, discipline, consistency of action and accountability.  Please know that I am here for you in every way that I can, whether it is daily through my Facebook Community Page entitled GameChanger or via Instagram Direct Message or Facebook Messenger on a weekly basis.  I want you to reach out to me, ask questions, get your questions answered, and seek as much help as you need on a journey that I’d be honoured to be a part of with you. Best wishes on this journey and make sure you say hello via social media or email letting me know who you are and what your goals are.                        – Sincerely, Coach K

Congrats! You logged into the right place and are ready to build a customized plan with our help.  I want you to follow this 7 Step process knowing we will be here for you to make sure we get this right. You will be pleased with what the final plan looks like as you venture into developing your new body and great health.

Please make sure you follow all of the steps in sequence and review all steps where necessary.




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We need some important information from you before you start.  Here’s what we require:

  • First and last name
  • Date of Birth
  • City, Province/State
  • Occupation
  • Email, text contacts
  • Your Goals (Short term weekly, monthly, mid-term goal, big picture goal)
  • Any prior injuries or medical concerns
  • Food Allergies or Intolerances
  • Height and Weight
  • Before pics (Side, front, back)
  • Any other pertinent info you want to share
  • Fill out waiver form (Click link to access) then sign the waiver form, scan the document ,  and email the document to Coach at


All of these pieces of information help us best serve you.  Please email to Coach before proceeding with Step #2.


How many calories you need will be dependent on the visual of you, your goals and some other factors such as your age, gender, height, work requirements and exercise.

This will be calculated for you after you send Part #1 in for review.

Your calorie breakdown will then be sent out to you, which allows you to complete the next steps.

NOTE: You will be given a daily average total and a daily total that incorporates a refuel(s) to be explained further before you start your program.

For example: You may have a daily average total of 1400 calories, but your working total may be 1200 calories daily for every day but Saturday, where you are allotted 2400 calories (For strategic psychological and physiological purposes)

Click the bar below for more on Refuels:





Protein is the basic building block of your body.  From the assessment of you, your body type, your needs and goals, a proper daily protein total is figured out. This number is also crucial and will be sent to you, allowing you to begin Step #4.

Your protein total is to be distributed throughout your day, so that you get doses of “building blocks” that best serve you, repairing your body, helping to keep you regulated hormonally, and keeping you satiated.

To understand more about nutrients including protein intake among other subjects, click the link below for more information.



Once you have your calories and protein, you need to distribute them through the day.  The best thing you can do with your eating is develop a pattern or structure that allows you to get the nutrients you need in a systematized way.  We want a steady stream of protein throughout the day, we want to regulate blood sugar through healthy carbs, we want to make sure you don’t go too long without eating, and we want to make sure you have a steady stream of valuable nutrients in your regimen.

The first step is selecting a model of eating.  I’ve laid out three models of eating along with formats for each model.  Select 1 that you want to start with.  With that in mind, a cardinal rule is that I want you to eat food every 3-5 hours.  After you have eaten your meal or snack, you are to wait until your next feeding regardless of “hunger”.  This disciplined eating will pay off big time.


Model 1:  Some people like to keep it simple and eat just 4 times per day.  This strategy is easier on the digestive system and is designed for people who have a shorter day, eating a little later in the morning and perhaps going to bed earlier.  It allows for bigger meals and perhaps turning the snack into a mini-meal.

If you are on a 1200 calorie day plan, your food may look like this:

  • 300-300-300-300 (Balanced)
  • 300-400-200-300 (Bigger lunch, smaller mid day snack)
  • There’s many different options available to you with this plan


Model 2: Designed for those who may have a longer day or a very early breakfast.  This plan is also good when training, to allow for post workout meals.  The structure of the snacks will be dependent on the format of your workday, with some formats allowing for availability to eat whenever and others, with a more rigid timeline.

If you are on a 1200 calorie day plan, your food may look like this:

  • 300-150-300-150-300 (Balanced)
  • 300-300-200-300-100 (Heavier tail end of the day)
  • 300-100-300-100-400 (Bigger dinner)
  • There’s many different options available to you with this plan as well.


Model 3: For those who prefer to eat smaller meals throughout the day, this is an every 3 hr type plan.  Some people can’t handle bigger volumes of food.  Some prefer to have smaller meals due to the active, busy nature of their day.  Snacks become more critical, and its important to select the right snacks that don’t spike insulin levels.

If you are on a 1200 calorie day plan, your food may look like this:

  • 300-100-300-100-300-100 (Balanced)
  • 200-200-300-100-300-100 (For people who struggle with breakfast)
  • This plan is a little more rigid, from the perspective of size of meals, where you are forced to opt for smaller meals.

KEY NOTE: You are not bound by ONE particular model.  What’s more important is that you select the model you will choose for the DAY and prepare your plan accordingly for THAT DAY.

Please click on the post below for more on Success Strategies as it applies to structured eating.



Once you have decided on your Meal Structure Model, with the appropriate calories you need to consumer per day and its corresponding protein levels, as well as per meal:

For example:   Model 2B:  5 Meals:  300-300-100-300-200

You can start selecting foods for each of those meals.

You do have some key parameters that I want you to be guided by:

  1. Eat every 3 to 5 hours.
  2. Select proteins, at least, as part of each of breakfast, lunch and dinner  too make sure you get your adequate protein for the day.
  3. Choose foods that are leaner and more nutrient dense than foods that are very high in calories
  4.  Get your base calories from the chart, filling in some of the remaining calories with the snack choices chart provided if you choose to.
  5. If you do choose to pick some “fun” foods not on the list, using the nutrient labels on the back of packages, be sure to adhere to the 80%-20% principle (80% really healthy choices and 20% not so healthy) If you are very serious about your fat loss, you may want to go with a 90-10 principle or even 100% compliance, leaving the “Fun foods” for Refuel Day.

It’s now time to make some selections to built your CUSTOMIZED TEMPLATE.  First off, download the template below and print it.  This will be your working copy.


I will want you to come up with the following as part of your CORE ROTATION of WEEKLY foods:

  1. TWO Breakfast Options
  2. THREE Lunch Options
  3. FIVE Dinner Options
  4. FOUR Snack Options

These can be changed periodically, but for now ROUTINE IS PARAMOUNT.

The following video is an “Anatomy of a Food Plan” from a structural perspective, giving you insight as to how you create a system for yourself that is easy to follow.

I have also provided three sample templates that could be used right away if you want to get a QUICK START.  (Feel free to click to download and modify as necessary to suit your needs)

Food-Template-1300 Food-Template-1400 Food-Template-1500-

The video provided below gives you an online tutorial on how to create your meal plan with a quick FOOD CHOICES CALORIE TEMPLATE  Please review as often as necessary to get a full understanding of proper food selection as it relates to structured planning to meet YOUR needs.  Also, please feel free to ask questions during our TEAM SUPPORT SESSIONS as outlined below.

Click the Chart below for a clear PDF version of the chart.


Also included is a list of some of my Top 10 snacks that can be incorporated into your plan.  Please note that calories are not attached to these selections as calories may differ depending on what is selected.  For example, protein bars differ dramatically in protein and calorie totals.

You will also want to modify your selections to meet your needs.  For example if you are lower on protein for the day, you may want to choose a higher protein snack.  If you have adequate protein for the day and are low in vitamin C, you may very well just select a fruit.

The snacks provided are not an exclusive list but rather selections that can be used to meet calorie totals and needs for the day. Please click the document for a printable PDF version.











For a full detailed report on Weekly Meals Strategies, I have provided this link for your viewing pleasure, featuring ALL FIVE PARTS (Please click on the box to view):



The greater your level of accountability, the greater your success with your goals.  We have created a model whereby you can be accountable to your Coach, the team and your peers.

GameChanger Facebook Messenger Group 

First off, we’ve created the Facebook Messenger GameChanger team room.  Find us on Facebook Messenger or ask us to Invite you to the group (Registered Members Only) From there we want you to log in regularly because it is checked regularly.  This is your page where you can ask questions, post recipes, seek motivation, and most importantly, at the end of the day, should you really decide to step it up, post your score on how you did with food using the Daily Food Performance Tracker down below.  This in itself is a major GameChanger.



Every MONDAY & THURSDAY NIGHT from 7 to 8 pm EST, someone will be available to answer your questions one to one.  While the Facebook GameChanger Support Group is your running real time connector, the Instagram DM is your chance yo ask person questions and get real answer to the challenges you may face on the way to your goals.


Finally, check the events section of the website for dates and times of important workshops here to serve you in the areas of:

  • Flexible dieting
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Food Strategies
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Cutting Edge Strategies

These workshops are usually held once per month.

Click the bar below for more on the importance of your support team.



Just as any successful business properly accounts for its profits, expenditures, etc, wouldn’t it make sense to treat your own body with the respect it deserves from a caloric standpoint, especially if doing so was relatively straightforward? With today’s technology and smartphones, it is very easy to scan in nutritional data, consult nutrition guides online or simply search for the food in question on myfitnesspal.  Software today does the calculations and even makes recommendations based on your goals. The closer you track your calories, and measure your food quantities, the more likely you will succeed with your diet plan and the more likely you will receive an education from the experience. Here is a brief tutorial about a fantastic food tracking tool:

My recommendation is to download the app, play around with it, get familiar with its features and stick with it.  From time to time we will have workshops on myfitnesspal as it applies to you, so please stay tuned for dates and times.




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