Exercises: Biceps


The exercises in the video are:

  • Dumbell Bicep Curl
  • Cable Bicep Curl

Some Key Points:

  • Heaviest weight you can handle with good form, for full range of motion
  • Choose a weight that you can perform for 30-50 seconds depending on your desired goal
  • Keep continuous tension on the muscles throughout the movement
  • Make sure you bring the weight almost all the way down in the fully stretched (eccentric) position of the biceps. Do not leave a bend in your bicep at this time
  • Try to keep your elbow stationary throughout the movement, resisting the temptation to move it forward, especially at the fully contracted top of the movement where you can rest the biceps for a moment. (We don’t want that)
  • Try not to swing the weight up but rather follow a controlled range of motion,