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Coach K is Canada’s Top Conditioning Coach with proven results.
With over 20 years of coaching experience, I’ve consulted with people of all walks of life: NCAA Division 1 bound athletes, morbidly obese individuals, seniors, bodybuilding and figure competitors, elite athletes, sports professionals, cancer survivors, people with fibromialgia, Chrohn’s disease, acid reflux, extreme food allergies, people with injuries, individuals trying to gain weight and muscle, those trying to lose fat and tone up, sports teams, mother daughter teams, highly emotional people, those with depression, people who have metabolisms that have suffered from years of misguided advice.  You name it, I’ve guided THAT person.
You work DIRECTLY with Coach K to design YOUR Fitness Plan and Nutrition Program.
This is YOUR plan; that’s why I take the time to get to know your goals, find out the foods you enjoy and dislike.  I track your food choices and patterns before we even start, during an intensive pre-season so that we can thoroughly develop something you will stick with. 
I examine your physique and look at your limitations, strengths, your time management, access to equipment. I review your goals and carefully develop a timeline.
In essence, I learn about you. Everyone is different. We are all unique.  The Plan should reflect that.
Need Motivation? Last Min Dinner Option Needed? On the Verge of Self-Sabotage?
Coach K is a text/email away!
Constant contact is necessary.  Your plan needs to be at the forefront of your day, and continued communication is a necessity.  Sometimes it’s not so much the plan, but rather helping someone deal with the day to day emotions and frustrations that makes the world of difference.  I recognize that, and it plays a huge factor in how we go about achieving your goals.
Challenging. No Nonsense. Regular Assessments pinpoint improvement areas.
Your program continually evolves through time.  You change both emotionally and physiologically as you progress. Programming must reflect that.  We must constantly reassess your physique and make changes accordingly.  The Plan is flexible, we can change it instantly if needed to reflect life situations and responses by the body.
Everything that happens in your life, good or bad, began with a decision.
Your Task? To make a new decision to make some changes to your life! 
My Task? Prove that your decision was one of the best you’ve ever made.
Will it be hard? Absolutely! Nothing worthwhile comes easy. 
Are you going to be pushed to succeed? 
I’m relentless. You will have no choice but to win.
Ready for the Challenge? Let’s Get Started!