Karey’s Transformation

I have had the pleasure of working with Karey for a while now and got to know a person who accepts no excuses, is driven to succeed and has most importantly, kept a balanced life where all areas (family, career, relationships, fitness, etc) are all in order and thriving.

Without a doubt, Karey maintains a work and family schedule that most would cave under.  Instead Karey has come out on top!

Here is Karey’s amazing transformation! This is Karey 7 weeks away from her first figure competition.  She’s right on track for an amazing outcome. The best is yet to come.

Karey Transformation

We will continue to follow Karey’s amazing journey post contest, as we plan to maintain this physique, establish an equilibrium in her body, and then work on improving and refining her physique.  The contest is not a destination, but rather just a benchmark in her new lifestyle.

The Interview:

What prompted you to begin your journey into better health and fitness?

I think what prompted me to change my lifestyle was when I realized I didn’t like or recognize the person in the mirror. I had a beautiful family, an amazing husband and a budding real estate career, but somewhere along the way I had lost myself. I was no longer the fit, athletic, strong person ready to take on the next challenge.. But tired, achy, and insecure. On my 36th birthday I decided to stop the insanity and take control back. That’s when I reached out to Tom.

Describe your fitness/physique/health transformation? What have you achieved?

When I contacted Tom I was 148 lbs, and out of shape. I hid it well on my 5’6″ frame so no one who knew me would have said I was overweight because I looked “average”. But having been extremely athletic in my youth, I knew better. I was carrying extra weight all over and as a result, my joints and well being were feeling the strain. Then on August 1st 2013 I met with Tom for the first time.

Since then, everything has changed. I am now a lean 121 lbs and probably in the best physical shape of my life. At 38 years old I believe I feel and look better than I did 10 years ago, and my self image and confidence have improved dramatically. I have never been so comfortable in my own skin and as a result am so much more effective in what my life demands of me (career, family, and personal).

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome in your journey along the way?

My biggest obstacle has been finding the time to dedicate to the training. I have two small kids (6 and 8) both in organized sports, a husband that works shift work, and a self employed real estate career that takes up much of my evenings and weekends. But really, I always had the time. It’s just was I willing to sacrifice some sleep to get it! Once I carved out “my” time which was between 4-6 am (because that’s all I had), things started to really progress. It was a commitment to me, I owed myself that much.

If you had to describe 3 specific action steps that you do daily to achieve your fitness goals, what are they?

Three things I do daily are:

a) Plan my exercise – my days are always different. With the exception of my morning workout which is always the same time, my afternoon workouts need to be scheduled between work and kids so I have to think ahead.

b) Plan my food – I shop once and prep a couple times a week for all the food I need so it is easily accessible and available. Sometimes that means packing a lunch/snacks to take out with me when I know I’ll be on the go.

c) Review my numbers and my goals – The numbers don’t lie:). Every morning I record where I’m at and review where I want to end up by weeks end. By doing that I stay focused on what I want to accomplish.

Where do you see yourself going from here with your fitness journey?

I am currently training and preparing for my first fitness contest. If you had asked me when I began this journey if that was one of my goals, I would have answered “no”. But as I have changed and grown into a stronger healthier person, the limitations I put on myself have slowly disappeared. The better I became, the more I wanted to achieve. So immediately I see myself competing (and winning) a fitness contest – why not??!? Lol! But even more importantly through this journey I’ve realized how my efforts have effected and inspired those around me. What I’ve done wasn’t easy, but it WAS simple and anyone can do it. I’m nothing special, I just didn’t quit. I think if I can help influence even one other person to change their lifestyle and become a healthier, happier person I have paid it forward. If I could do that for others I would feel fulfilled.

What one key piece of advice could you give people wanting to make a transformation in their own lives?

Truly understand why you want to make a change, and picture what you want to achieve. Have a clear goal to work towards that you can emotionally connect with. Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy, if it was everyone would be fit and healthy. You will be challenged and pushed to your limits. Knowing why you’re making changes in your life is what will keep you focused and help you break through your barriers and achieve success.

Anything else you would like to add that might help others?

Find and accountability partner or a coach. You are where you are because of what you know and the internal dialogue you have with yourself daily. In order to change that conversation and those habits you need input from another credible source. Find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and that you trust. Humble yourself and become accountable to that person for your actions, achievements and failures. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll do not to let that person down, where you would have let it slide if you had been going it alone.