Kurt’s Transformation

I would like to introduce you to Kurt, who I’ve been working with on his transformation.  A family man, owner of a successful company, a car enthusiast, and now a good friend of mine, Kurt is setting an example of tremendous success and achievement after struggling with his weight for a bit.

I don’t use the word transformation lightly.  When I decide to work with someone, not only do we aim to change one’s appearance dramatically, but change their life for the better from a health, attitude, and lifestyle standpoint that allows the doors to break wide open for other massive successes along the way!

Here are some pics of Kurt along with a brief interview with him!

Kurt Before and After

What prompted you to begin your journey into better health and fitness?

Seeing a photo of myself was the biggest push to get into shape and lose weight. Furthermore, my age got me thinking of how precious life is; I want to be around to share it with my family and perhaps future grandchildren.

Describe your fitness/physique/health transformation? What have you achieved?  

My transformation to a healthy active lifestyle has been fantastic as well as exciting! The excitement comes from seeing results and feeling improved weekly. In addition, I’ve gained new friendships and knowledge.

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome in your journey along the way?

For sure there have been a few challenges and some I still face today on a daily basis. At the start, I “believed” I ate well; very quickly I recognised I needed to learn more about nutrition and this was a learning curve for me. Food cravings and emotions can get you, but I learned to fight these by keeping busy or going for a walk as a distraction. I’m still learning about nutrition and this is another aspect I enjoy. Lack of confidence played a small role as I often doubted my ability to perform, the doubt of whether I could do something or not quickly faded with each weeks of training behind me. I’m still plagued by family/friends who misunderstand my training and reasoning. With this ignorance comes sabotage and lack of support that I still struggle with.

If you had to describe 3 specific action steps that you do daily to achieve your fitness goals, what are they?

1) Having professional coaching and support. 2) Planning & preparing my food targets while staying focused and true to myself to meet my food goal. 3) Taking advantage of spare time by walking, swimming, etc. in addition to my regular training while enjoying a healthy way of life.

Where do you see yourself going from here with your fitness journey?

I would like to continue to build muscle and become leaner as I go forward. It’s now part of my daily routine and is incorporated as my lifestyle. A goal I have set for myself to be in the best shape of my life before turning 60 in less than I year from now.

What one key piece of advice could you give people wanting to make a transformation in their own lives?

Set realistic goals and make small changes to reach those goals on a daily/weekly basis. Visualise your goals as you go forward and keep changing it up to challenge yourself.

Anything else you would like to add that might help others?

Be proud of what you do, and share your success with like-minded people – don’t let the hater’s distracted you.


When I first met Kurt, I knew right away that he was an analytic man who understood numbers.  We decided to be as exact as possible with his calories and macronutrients. I also understood that if Kurt could grasp the numbers, it would open the door to structured flexibility around food. Kurt made excellent food choices, but had the autonomy to change things up to make his days more interesting foodwise.

We have continually increased his calories as he has progressed along his journey and we are continuing to increase the intensity of his training to meet his needs.

We are very excited about where we are going with Kurt’s progress.  There has been a complete lifestyle change.  Next step? We are closing the book on the past and moving forward with Kurt 3.0, a more defined, more muscular, bigger Kurt, where we “Turn back time” and enter the arena of bodybuilding while maintaining optimal health.