Mike’s Transformation

One of the best transformations I have seen in a very long time,  Mike came to me in Mid June with a committed intent to strip the body fat from his body as quickly and as safely as he could.

Mike delivered in what many consider grand style, taking the necessary steps to remove more than 40 pounds of fat from his body, while putting on some quality muscle and getting a lot stronger in the process. THE TRUTH? When you put your mind into achieving, by following a GAME PLAN to the letter, you WILL achieve as a matter of FACT!

Please read his interview below for details on his mindset and strategies.



What prompted you to begin your journey into better health and fitness?

When growing up, I was always someone that was very fit and active.  As I started to build my career, and my wife and I had kids, things got busy and I did not make being fit a priority.  As time when by, it became more routine not working out, and with it being busy I started to take short cuts eating.  Eventually I started to feel tired all the time, and noticed that I was physically not able to do the things I used to be able to do.  Then finally I saw a few pictures of myself, and I was really upset with what I saw.  I was determined to make the changes not only for myself, but for my family – as I want to be an active parent and do lots with my kids.

Describe your fitness/physique/health transformation?  What have you achieved?

When I started this transformation I stepped on the scale and weighed 222.1lbs, with a body fat percentage of over 25%.  Looking in the mirror I seemed to be holding all of my weight and fat in the mid to upper part of my body.  My belly had started to hang out over my pants, and muscles were certainly not defined.  The first time I hit the gym for a session with Tom, I lasted pretty much 5 minutes before I almost actually passed out, as my body was not in good shape.  My transformation has been fairly drastic in both the numbers and what I see in the mirror.  I now weigh 178lbs, with a low body fat percentage. When I look in the mirror I look far leaner.  My muscles have become much more defined, including starting to get my abs back.  In the gym, my body is able to handle every single workout, and my strength has increased.

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome in your journey along the way?

For me the biggest obstacle has been integrating the changes in my diet into my daily life.  When I am at home or work, it is very easy for me to control what I am eating and stick to my meal plan.  However, sometimes I would end up out at a Jays game, travelling, or at a lunch meeting and be unsure of what I should eat to stay within my plan.  A lot of this had to do with my lack of knowledge and understanding as it pertains to foods and what is good or bad.  When these instances first occurred I leaned on Tom, and he would help me make the best decisions in the particular situation.  Over time, I have been learning more and feel more comfortable to make smart decisions.  I have been able to continue to stay disciplined and live my daily life.

Another obstacle that I have had to overcome is having others understand what I am trying to achieve.  Often I will have pressure from friends who want you to deviate from your plan through the week, going for beers or wings, etc.  But I just explain what I am trying to do and what I have accomplished, and they are often interested to understand more or at least drop the issue.  It all gets back to staying disciplined and committed, and remembering that I am doing this for myself.

If you had to describe 3 specific action steps that you do daily to achieve your fitness goals, what are they?

  1. Plan Ahead – Life is busy, so it is important for me to plan ahead for both my meals and workouts/activities.  I find that if I do not plan my meals properly, it is tougher to eat healthy.  Also if I do not plan times to work out or be active then the day will pass and I will not have done anything.
  2. Stay Active – I work in a job where I sit all day long, so it is really important for me to stay active every single day.  So I always ensure that I work out, or play sports, or anything that gets my body moving.
  3. Remain Focused – It is one thing to stay active, but it is another to ensure that I continue to stay focused on my goals and really push myself.  So when I am in the gym, I try not to cut any corners, and work really hard to make it count.

Where do you see yourself going from here with your fitness journey?

I have some goals for myself as they relate to certain numbers and performance metrics.  I want to first work to achieve those goals.  Once they are achieved, my long term vision is to maintain them.  I view this as a lifestyle change, one that I can maintain and be happy with both how I feel and see myself.

What one key piece of advice could you give people wanting to make a transformation in their own lives?

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to someone is that you truly have to want to make a change and be committed to it.  In order to be successful, you will need to be very disciplined and focused.  It is not easy, there are challenges as you change the way you eat, the way you work out and test your body, and how you adapt your lifestyle.  If you truly want to make changes then it is easier to keep the discipline and focus you need.  You will remain focused on your goals.

Anything else you would like to add that might help others?

By eating healthy, and staying committed to workouts you will achieve your goals.  This is a process, you will not see progress every single day of the week, but over time you certainly will see the results.  The more focused you are, and truly want to make the change, the better your results will be.  The important thing is to view it as a permanent lifestyle change, so that you are able to not only achieve your goals, but be in it for the long haul and maintain them.