Muscle Chef: Fast Food Meals


fast food counter


Eating at home with a planned meal will always be the best option when sticking to your plan.  However, if you do find yourself stuck on the road, here is a compilation of a few decent options. Further options for each location will be available as well as a separate Fast Food Salads review.

Swiss Chalet chicken spinach1. Swiss Chalet: Chicken Spinach Salad

Very healthy lean cut of chicken with a big serving of greens.  I usually go with the ultra light Raspberry Vinegarette Dressing and opt out of the tortillas if I want to be really tight.  The only drawback is the $11 plus dollars cost and a bit of a wait.

Calories: 270  Protein: 41  Carbs: 28  Fat: 5 (These numbers are minus the tortilla strips)

mcdonalds-wrap   2. McDonalds: Sweet Chili Grilled Chicken McWrap

Quick and affordable, the chicken wrap tastes good, as is  relatively clean eating, especially if you ask the server to be light  on the sauce.  The drawbacks? They are not overly generous on the chicken portions and you finish the food relatively quickly, wanting for a little more.

Calories: 360  Protein: 26  Carbs: 43  Fat: 9

harveys     3. Harvey’s: Grilled Chicken Wrap 

440cals is slightly high for a fast food wrap, however this meal is          hardy and tasty.  It takes a while to eat and leaves you satisfied.  Harvey’s takeout can be slightly slow but the offering is priced right for its value.

Calories: 440  Protein: 32  Carbs: 52  Fat: 12

tim hortons ham and swiss   4. Tim Horton’s: Ham and Swiss Sandwich

Tim Horton’s has quickly become the leading fast food provider in           Canada with fast, affordable service.  This sandwich delivers good              value and is somewhat filling, while assuring that you keep the                    calories down.

Calories: 400  Protein: 24  Carbs: 48  Fat: 12

wendys grilled  5. Wendy’s: Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Another quick, easy affordable option at the drive through       window.  Make sure to ask for minimal dressing as staff    seems to lather it on.  The sandwich tastes great but will get  consumed quickly.

Calories: 370  Protein: 34  Carbs: 43  Fat: 7

chipotle burrito bowl  6. Chipotle: Chicken Burrito Bowl

One of the cleanest options available to consumers, but a bit of an added cost, the burrito bowl is fully customizable.  This is one of my favourite fast food places.The caloric profile is from the following ingredients:  Chicken, lettuce, grilled vegetables, cheese, salsa sauce.

Calories: 330  Protein: 41  Carbs: 12  Fat: 15

subway over roasted chicken   7. Subway: 6 Inch Over Roasted Chicken Sub

The meat is very processed and you do need to be careful not to    crazy with the cheese, olives and the dressings, but if you want a      relatively simple sandwich without those toppings, this is a decent option.

Calories: 320  Protein: 23  Carbs: 45  Fat: 5

bourbon street grill         8. Bourbon Street Grill

A mall favourite, Bourbon Street Grill offers grilled veggies along               with its blackened chicken.  Volume of food is good and the price is           affordable, giving you a satisfying quick meal.

Calories: 420  Protein: 41  Carbs: 19  Fat: 19