Tiffany’s Tranformation

Tiffany’s transformation has been outstanding.  Over 50 pounds of weight loss, but the reality is, she has lost much more fat and has gained significant lean muscle mass in the process.

With a gruelling program featuring squats, military presses, bench presses, lat rows and battle ropes, Tiffany has has become strong and super fit, with an eye to the next level of conditioning.  Why not? Why settle for anything less than what you are truly capable of achieving and Tiffany is well on her way to achieving a physique worthy of its own new transformation from Fit to Spectacular!

Tiffany Transformation
The Interview:

What prompted you to begin your journey into better health and fitness?
I was really starting to notice my weight more and more. Clothing started to not fit at all and then slowly I started buying new items as I was convincing myself I had “shrunk” it in the drying. After awhile I knew I needed to lose weight but I was making excuses as I wasn’t ready. I finally realized that I would never be ready and just needed to decide to change things.
Describe your fitness/physique/health transformation? What have you achieved?
My change has been a lifestyle change. I feel different, I look different and therefore my routine is different. I was someone who would always rather eat out or grab something on the go. Now I eat more at home simply because I can have more of what I want and is in my plan than trying to compensate for all the little add ons you get when eating out.
I have lost weight before, never this much, but this time it was different. Yes, I was smaller when I lost weight previously but I never realized that is all it was. I was just a smaller version, not a healthier one, not a fitter version. With this transformation I feel better, look way better and the results that I was/am feeling (smaller, firmer, etc) started ten pounds earlier!
I have achieved what I felt was impossible. Never in my adult or teenage years was I this weight. I have reached my original goals and past it again by almost 10lbs.
What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome in your journey along the way?
The biggest obstacle that I had to overcome was me, my routines and the limitations that I put on myself. I “thought” I had to eat a certain way, cook a certain way and was shocked at the start on how different Tom was asking me to be. He was firm on his coaching and was firm that I needed to make the changes. It was a hard to get my head into a space that I needed to change everything. How much I ate, when I ate, what I ate, how I cooked, what I thought the components of a meal were, not to mention the workouts. Plus then we had the emotional aspect. It was difficult to look at every part myself and realize how off track I was.
If you had to describe 3 specific action steps that you do daily to achieve your fitness goals, what are they?
1. Each day has a reset button. It doesn’t matter today what you did yesterday but it does matter what you do today. Taking it one day at a time and staying tight on food was the most important thing.
2. Eat only what you love and the way you love it. I don’t know how many eggs I have thrown out as I got distracted and cooked the yoke too long. I found out if I ate the one that I messed up, I would still be craving that egg later on. It was easier to re-cook it and satisfy my taste buds now.
3. Routine! Plan what you are eating in advance. Part of the joy of what you are eating is that you love it and the anticipation of having it. Working with Tom, he was able to help me to find items that I love and felt full on and were in his plan. At first I felt I needed variety with my food. I soon came to realize that with variety came foods that didn’t satisfy me and then would eat something else that did, therefore over eating.
Also part of the routine is taking the thinking out of what you are eating. Have one or two options for each meal and stick to them and the times you eat them.
Where do you see yourself going from here with your fitness journey?
I now have the opportunity to change the little things that I never thought I would get to as there was so many big items to accomplish. I want to be fit, not just thin. I want defined muscles. I want a six pack (never thought it was an option) and I want to keep everything I have gained/lost FOREVER! I want to be a good role model for my kids and how healthy and fit should be. Now that I have achieved the goals I originally set, I want more and I am hungry for it! The sky is the limit.
What one key piece of advice could you give people wanting to make a transformation in their own lives?
If you are waiting to be ready to make the change, be honest with yourself, you’ll never will feel ready enough. Bite the bullet and go for it. Worse case is you stay in the same place. Best case scenario, you change your life and how you feel about it.
Also, you have to work hard at it everyday. The littlest things can set you back, so be honest with yourself, honest with your coach and pay the price it takes. It’s not easy and it never will be, hard diligent work everyday is what it takes.
Anything else you would like to add that might help others?
Part of the success that I have had is because of the support that I get from my husband, the group I workout with and an amazing coach. Keep those that support you and your goals close. There are a lot of people out there that want to critique what you are eating and doing. Most have negative things to say but choose a support team that you can vent to. This process is hard physically, mentally and emotionally but is easier with a great support team.