Not Chicken Again?

Chicken is one of the leanest, cheapest, most readily available quality protein sources available to us in our meal plans.  The problem is, only the most hardcore enthusiasts can put chicken in tupperware after planning on Sundays and having leftovers for the week, eating the same thing daily without saying TO HELL WITH IT.

This article addresses making chicken fun again through different variations that will fit your plan.  Another time I will outline a Part 2 with more options as well as a Part 3 addressing some great alternatives to Chicken for your lunch or dinner.

The article is meant to give you ideas in the form of a 5 day rotation of options, with the other two days meant for something different, if chicken is your routine staple.

Breaded Chicken

There’s a way to do this one lean. First, baste the flattened chicken in some egg that’s whipped in a bowl, then place it on some flour. You don’t need a lot. Finally, place the floured chicken on some bread crumbs. Not a lot will be picked up but just enough to make the recipe taste amazing. Finally BAKE the chicken. Because you have flattened it, the cooking process won’t be long.  As a side, I would normally have a serving of veggies to control the overall calories. 1/2 cup Panko breadcrumbs, 2 tbsp flour and the basted egg portion adds up to just over 100 calories.

Hell’s Kitchen Chicken

My version of this type of chicken is to place the chicken in a pan with some spaghetti sauce and hot sauce. Add some Cajun seasoning or red pepper flakes and you have a spicy winner.  Add in 1/4 spaghetti sauce and a tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese and you are looking at an additional 100 Cals. This dish alongside some spaghetti squash or mixed vegetables can work well.

Pulled Chicken

You will need a slow cooker for this one. Once the chicken is shredded, add your favourite BBQ sauce, seasoning in moderate quantities. There’s plenty of recipes that might best suite your needs. The main point here is manipulating the texture in an easy to prepare way that gives you a satisfying meal.

The calories in the BBQ sauce will add up a little. You may consider using salsa in the crock pot as well, to moisten up the chicken. The pulled pork on a toasted open face bun is an easy way to keep calories and carbs low. You could also get really creative and do a lettuce wrap.

Mexican Fajita Chicken

If you like Tex Mex, this works well with sauteed vegetables. (green and red peppers, mushrooms, onions) I usually crunch a few tortilla strips on here for texture and even a little bit of low fat cheese once in a while. This on a bed of salad with salsa on top and you have a very lean low calorie dish.

Pineapple Chicken Stir-fry

Very similar to the Mexican dish, with the difference being seasoning and in my case, the addition of pineapple to create a sweetness to the dish.

I like to think all of these options are easy to make and can be made in batch quantities so that you have leftovers for the following day.

If you have any questions about any of these recipes, please don’t hesitate to message me at

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