Secret to Living is Giving?

Watch truly great parents.  They put their kids first and would jump in front of a bullet for them? Why? These kids are their legacy.

Look at any great scientist who wakes up early and stays in the lab late at night looking for a cure for a disease.  This is their passion, their mission in life, their contribution.  They are motivated by something greater than them.

When things are all about you, most choke in unhappiness, looking for the next hedonistic activity or outlet of escape.  When you shift your focus and start giving of yourself, your life takes on new meaning.

My passion has always been in the area of fitness and health.  I love seeing people win.  I will always give of myself and contribute long after I retire from formal work.  My contribution and service to others drives me.  Being an example of what is possible has driven my efforts in the area of bodybuilding for years.  It’s not about me, and how good I can look but rather I have used bodybuilding and my own immersion in it to demonstrate to others that you too can do great things.

Look at your own life. What is your gift? Share it.

Tom, I don’t have any gifts to share.  If that’s the case, there’s a couple of options.

Look at instagram and facebook transformations.  Why do people want to share their transformations? Part of it is that these people want to be recognized. Everyone desires a sense of significance in this world.  you know what? That’s ok.  It’s ok to want to be recognized.  More importantly, I notice these same people wanting to share their stories to give back to others, to tell others that they too can do it.  This is their gift.

Notice when you start getting into shape, people start commenting? Some will give you the odd snide remark, but for the most part, many want to know how you did it.

If you have lost fat, gained muscle tone and feel great, sustainably, you now are qualified to at least share your story as a source of inspiration for others.  This is your gift.

The gift of fitness inspiration through your own story is an easy one.  This is so because 3/4 of the population struggles in this area.

Another option, find a cause that is meaningful.  Some volunteer at a local homeless shelter.  Others take in stray animals from the animal shelter.  Some volunteer at the local school, helping kids with reading or coaching.

Find an organization you can contribute to on a scheduled periodic basis and give of yourself.

If you find something and it doesn’t jive with you, keep searching for one that is meaningful.

Your third option….Look for opportunities throughout the day to make an impact on others.  This sounds crazy, but this is the challenge. The question you start your day with is

What can I do today to make the day of someone who I cross paths with?

When you look for this opportunity deliberately, it will bring a lot of joy to your life. One time I purchased 2 coffees for the ladies behind me in the drive through.  It felt great to be chased down the street because these ladies wanted to say thank you.  I had a smile on my face the whole day.  It was something small, but significant.  This March, I’m judging a bodybuilding contest in Buffalo.  This is my contribution to the sport.  Offering advice and support to fellow athletes is very meaningful to me.  Will it cost me money to travel to the event, and stay for the night? Of course.  Do I care? No.  Helping out up and coming athletes has special meaning to me.

You may look at this article and nod approvingly.  Great….act on the advice if you haven’t already done so.  Watch things change for you in other areas of your life.

There is a cheesy cliché that I have often heard,

The Secret to Living is Giving.

This goodie two shoes advice is real and it’s powerful when you apply it with your own style.

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