The Bottom Line: But I’m on Holidays

You are off for a weekend with the family and sometimes the food portion of the getaway results in a “Getaway” from the plan. Worth it? You tell me through this example.


Three meals, zero snacks.  We are walking around a lot today so we can justify this.  IHOP, the host restaurant at the hotel.  We haven’t eaten there in years.  I will stay tight and have an omellete and maybe just a few pancakes.  Cheesecake Factory, a restaurant that is not in our area when we are back home.  We absolutely need to eat there.  I just won’t eat the bread or have dessert.  For dinner, what can we say, we are on vacation.  I will have a salad and a potato and keep the meat lean.

What’s the damage for the day according to the picture’s stated calories? 7000+ Calories.  This is not including the beverages or any little munchies that you don’t calculate throughout the day.

Thats enough calories for an average person for 4 DAYS.  

That’s JUST ONE DAY of holidays.

We can justify anything. Yes you are on holidays, but if you define your enjoyment by overindugence and then expect a lean healthy body, that’s just wishful thinking that will never be realized.

That’s the BOTTOM LINE!

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